SECTION 1        Name - The Name of the Association shall be The Kentucky Taxidermists Association.  The Kentucky Taxidermist Association will hereinafter refer to as The Association or the KTA.

 SECTION 2        Purpose - The purpose of the KTA is to promote the art of taxidermy and related fields including but not limited to the fur industry.  This shall include:
         A.        To promote the high standards in the art of taxidermy and to strive to produce high quality work.
         B.        To foster understanding in the general public about the field of taxidermy and other related outdoor sports and industries.
         C.        To assist members of the KTA and the general public in their understanding of the Federal and State Game Laws.
         D.        It will be the object of the KTA to assist in any way possible the conservation of all our natural resources for future generations.
         E.        To accept funds as shall be necessary to carry out the purpose of the KTA.
          F.        To engage in such other civic, charitable, educational and business activities that the KTA shall deem appropriate.



 SECTION 1       Eligibility - All members shall adhere to State and Federal Game Law Regulations.

 SECTION 2        Active Member - Anyone active in the field of Taxidermy or closely related industry may be eligible, provided dues are paid in full.

 SECTION 3        Membership - There will be three classes of Membership:
       A.        Affiliate - Immediate family member of a General Member (i.e.: spouse, dependent children residing in the same household)
       B.        General Member - Shall be those individuals who receive remuneration for their services and who operate or work in Taxidermy, Furrier or related business.
       C.        Corporate Member - Shall be those corporations or businesses desiring to be members that have interests in Taxidermy or related fields.  Corporate membership includes either free booth space at the Convention or 1 issue of free advertising in our Newsletter.
       D.            Business Membership- Includes all persons actively working in said business. Each individual shall have the same benefits as regular members but shall pay individual registration and entry fees at competitions.

 SECTION 4        Dues - Dues shall be set prior to the New Year.  Membership renewal notices shall be sent to all members by mid-December.
         A.      Affiliate Membership - These dues are voted on yearly and posted in the Newsletter.  These dues are due on or before the date of the new Convention.
         B.        General Membership - These dues are voted on yearly and posted in the Newsletter.  These dues are due on or before January 1st with a grace period of 30 days.
         C.        Corporate Membership - These dues are voted upon yearly and posted in the Newsletter.  Dues are due on or before January 1st with a grace period of 30 days.

         D.        Late Dues - Ex-Members that did not pay their dues by the end of January will be subject to a late fee of $10.00 in addition to their yearly amount.  Any extension will be for the whole membership and not individuals and will be posted in the Newsletter.

 SECTION 5        Termination of Membership
           A.        Failure to Renew Membership - Any member failing to renew membership after the month of January shall be removed from the membership rolls.
           B.        Withdrawal - Any member may withdraw his/her membership upon giving written notice to the Secretary.  This also applies to Officers who wish to resign from office.
           C.        Expulsion - Any member may be expelled upon notice of the charges brought against him/her preceding a hearing for said member.  (Requires 2/3 vote of voting membership).
           D.        Refund of Dues - There shall be no refund of dues under Points B & C of this section.

 SECTION 6      Rights of Members
            A.            Each member shall have the right to one (1) vote on all matters affecting the operation of the KTA which shall be Properly presented for their consideration at duly constituted meetings of the KTA



 SECTION 1        Principal Officers - Elective officers of the Association shall be:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. There shall also be an election of (8) eight board of directors. Candidates for Board of Directors shall be an active member of the KTA for a minimum of (1) year. Candidates for Officers shall have at least one term on the Board of Directors.

SECTION 2         Term of Office - Term of Office shall be two (2) years for all elective offices. President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, shall be elected on even years and board members shall be elected on odd years.

 SECTION 3        Elections - Announcement of your candidacy will be made by the first (1st) meeting of the year, either by self-nomination or from the floor.  All active members may vote. Election will be held at the Convention meeting.  Absentee ballots will be in the newsletter must be sent to the Secretary at least one week prior to the Convention.

 SECTION 4         President - The President shall be the Chief Executive of the Association.  The President shall preside at all meetings, shall appoint committees, direct correspondence and shall perform such other duties as may be specified from time to time by the Membership.

 SECTION 5        Vice-President - The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in his absence shall perform such other duties as may be specified from time to time by the President or the Membership and will serve as Chairman of the Education Committee for all functions of our Association and act as Parliamentarian of the Association.

 SECTION           Secretary - Shall record the minutes of each meeting, assist the President in preparing the agenda for meetings, give notice of each meeting to the Membership, answer all correspondence as directed and shall perform such other duties as may be specified from time to time by the Membership.  The Secretary has approval of $100.00 limit of emergency expenditures not yet approved by the Officers and Directors.

 SECTION 7         Treasurer - Shall receive all monies, keep accurate records of all receipts and disbursements, submit a financial report at each meeting and perform such other duties as may be specified from time to time by the Membership.  A bank account may be established at his/her choice of banks.  All expenditures must be approved by the Board of Directors.

 SECTION 8         Board of Directors –Shall attend all KTA functions, shall serve on at least one Committee, administrate the proposals and By-Laws of the Association, are encouraged to represent the KTA at State Game and Fish Hearings, be informed on Game Laws, report to the President and distribute Game Law information pertaining to Taxidermy.

 SECTION 9         Vacancies - In the event that a vacancy shall occur in any office except that of the President, the President shall appoint any member to hold office until the next scheduled meeting of the Association.  At that time, a special election shall be held.  In the event that the Office of the President shall become vacant, the Vice-President shall automatically assume that position.

 SECTION 10         Termination of Office - Any Officer or Board of Director that misses two (2) consecutive meetings can be replaced by 2/3 vote of the Officers and Board of Directors.  In such case, Rule Article III, Section 9 will apply.

 SECTION 11         Rules and Ethics - The purpose of this Committee will be to compose permanent published rules for Competitions and Showings by the KTA, Inc.  This Committee shall establish these rules with the approval of the Membership. This Body of Members will settle disputes, investigate infractions of these rules, have authority to remove violators and their mounts from competitions and act as Floor Marshals for these events.  This Committee shall be comprised of Members of good reputation, honesty, fairness, courage of convictions and high interest in the KTA.  This Committee shall be elected, not appointed.



 There shall be two (2) scheduled membership meetings per year; spring and fall.  Ten (10) Members constitute a quorum.



 SECTION 1         The annual Convention shall be a three (3) day banquet, exhibition, competition meeting for Members of the KTA. The exhibition portion of this meeting shall be open to the public.  The meeting place and date shall be designated by the Exhibition Committee as approved by the General Membership at a regular meeting.

 SECTION 2         Special Meetings may be called at any time that the Board of Directors sees fit to do so.  The Membership shall be notified at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the meeting.  The notice shall specify date, place and hour of meeting and purpose for which it is to convene.  Ten (10) Members constitute a quorum.

 SECTION 3        Board of Directors Meetings - Meetings held as called by The President.  Three (3) Officers and Four (4) Directors constitute a quorum.

 SECTION 4           Action without meeting- Any action required or permitted to be taken by the board or any committee thereof, may be taken without a meeting, if all of the members of the board or committee consent.




 SECTION 1         Dates - The Fiscal year of the KTA shall be from the first day of January through the last day of December.




 These By-Laws may be amended by majority vote at a regularly scheduled meeting provided that proper notice has been made available to all Active Members.




 “Roberts Rules of Order” shall govern in all cases not provided for in these By-Laws.




Dissolution to this Association and wind up its affairs shall be initiated by resolution of the Directors recommending such dissolution and direction that the question be submitted to a vote of the members.  The Resolution of Dissolution shall thereafter be adopted by vote of not less than 2/3 of the entire Membership of the KTA at a meeting duly convened for that purpose.  Upon adoption of such resolution by the Members, the Association shall cease to conduct its business except insofar as may be necessary for the termination thereof.  It shall immediately cause a notice of the proposed dissolution to be mailed to each of its own creditors, and shall proceed to collect its assets and distribute them as the Membership shall see fit.




 SECTION 1        Legislative Awareness Committee - Chair and Two Members

 SECTION 2        By-Laws Committee - Chair and Two Members

 SECTION 3        Rules and Ethics Committee - Chair and Board Members (must be elected)

 SECTION 4        Newsletter Committee - Chair and Board Members

 SECTION 5        Annual State Convention Committee - Chair and Two Members